Painted Chair

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This was one of my old kitchen chairs that my dogs decided to chew. I was going to just throw it away, but I got the idea of using it as a little décor in the backyard. Since it was going to be outside I wanted to really distress it.
I used Chalk Paint in two colors. I used Americana Décor from Hobby Lobby or Michaels.
A distressing tool.
Americana Décor dark wax and varnish.
Baby wipes

One of my last trips to Michaels I saw this distressing tool. I had no idea what it orwas for but I had a coupon so I bought it. When I got home and realized what it was I couldn't wait to try it. I did one my yarn organizers first.

First your going to paint your furniture piece and then let it dry. Then you apply another color of paint onto the distressing tool. The distressing tool takes place of your brush, so you then paint
 on top of your furniture piece. You can add as many layers of colors as you would like.(Letting each coat dry before you add another coat) You don't want to push to hard or you will scrape off the paint.  If you like the finished product you could stop there and put a wax or varnish on top. Which is what I did for my yarn holder.

For my chair, I kept going by adding a layer of dark wax on top. Once you add the layer of dark wax you don't want to let it dry. Take a cloth and wipe it down all over. The wax gets in the cracks to give an aged look. When your done take a baby wipe and start distressing it. When it looks the way you want to add your varnish.