Crocheted Half Circle Rug

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I made this rug for my entry way in my house to cover up an ugly spot on my floor. I used some craft t shirt yarn, I found at Hobby Lobby. I have also made rugs holding 6 strands of worsted weight yarn together.  You can make this in a rug or even use a smaller hook and weight of yarn and make a small version. I did block it when I was done to make sure it stayed in the shape that I wanted, but its not necessary.

Yarn: Craft Tee Yarn. I only used one roll of it but I was getting very close...
Hook: Q

For the smaller version
Yarn: I Love This Cotton
Hook: H

If you notice any errors don't hesitate to comment, I'm trying to write this up before my client comes.

Round 1: Magic circle, ch2, 6dc inside of circle, ch3 turn, close circle up tightly
Round 2: 1dc in same st as ch2, 2dc in each until last st, 1 dc in last st (13)  ch4, turn
Round 3: 1 dc in same st, (making a v st) sk 1 st, v st, sk 1, repeat until end, ch2, turn
Round 4: 3dc in spaces, repeat until end, 1dc in previous ch4 st, ch 4, turn
Round 5-6: Repeat round 3 and 4 (on end of round 4 repeat ch 3 instead of 4)
Round 7-9: 1dc in same st as ch 3, 1 dc in each st until last st, 2dc, ch3, turn,
(round 9 should equal 43 dc)
Round 10: (dc2tog, ch2, dc3tog all in same st as ch3) sk 2, (dc3tog, ch2, dc3tog all in same sp) sk 2, repeat, ch3, turn
Round 11: working in spaces (2dc, ch1, 2dc) repeat, dc in last stitch where previous ch3 was, ch1, turn
Round 12: sc in  first space, ch7, sc in next space, ch7, repeat til end join with sl st to last st*not space but the last dc) ch5, turn
Round 13: sc in space, ch5, sc in next sp, repeat til end (last space should end with a sc)
Round 14: 5dc, ch3, 5dc in first space, sc in next, 5dc, ch3, 5dc in next space repeat until end.

I do want to note that I only did ch5 instead of 7 and I did 4 dc,ch3,4dc on my last rounds because I was running out of yarn.

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